About Me

  • In case you missed the memo… My name is Hannah.
  • I just turned twenty-five years old. Years young? You get the point.
  • I’m attempting to learn 3 new languages at once. Shout-out to Duolingo! No, I’m not being paid for mentioning them. YET.
  • On that note, free things are sent to me from time to time. I’ll more than likely blog about them, so stay tuned!
  • I started a new reading objective for 2015. Prepare for those posts. I am a true critic at heart.
  • Fun fact: I have an amazingly useless talent of being able to spot an assortment of actors/actresses in current films and tracing their humble beginnings to Law and Order: SVU. Up until, like, season 13, because SVU without Elliot Stabler is no place for me.

I’ll update this more over time. Thanks for caring to check about yours truly.